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6th Sep, 2007

cloud & tifa

it is done

It is finally completed, the merge is a fact.

Anime.no and Japani is now the same forum and anime.no is now a wonderful frontpage with writings from yours truly, and more authors to come.

27th Aug, 2007


Fall season

Fall is here, and this means anime shows that have been going during the summer are about to release their air-slot and give up space for new shows, and this season has some goodies coming along which I am most likely going to en up watching!

All in all, this season has lots of weirdness, action, fantasy, drama and mecha coming, as well as yet another major batch of visual novels being animated, CLANNAD turned into a movie by Kyoto Animation is a sure winner at least, others' probably not worthy of mention. There is a lack of comedy. Where is our comedy, Japan?

19th Jul, 2007

takumi & reira


Rockstar's amazing game, Table Tennis, is being ported to the Wii.  I can't wait to try it out, I just hope they get the motion sensor business down right.

InfoSec Sellout, who had previously claimed they've made a worm-type virus for the OS X, have vanished from the Internets. Was it just a gimmick for attention, or did Apple shut them down?

Once level 10, then 60, and now 70, Level 70 Elite Tauren Chieftain is back again with their Warcraft-universe related metal, this time having the rest of the Blizzard crew with them in making a, if I may say so, kicking rad music video accompanying their newest song, I am Murloc. To my knowledge, L70ETC is a bunch of employees at Blizzard that decided to make a band, and they had a concert at BlizzCon last year. This video is a promotion for BlizzCon 2007, and I am pretty sure many attendees will show up just to see them live.

18th Jul, 2007


Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Yesterday I finally saw HP:OotP, and in conclusion I can't say I'm much more than disappointed while feeling the whole movie lacked the spark of it's predecessors.

10th Mar, 2006

cloud & tifa

Sushi in Oslo? Probably not...

Right, since I was out yesterday with 5 other people from my japanese class, and mentioned that I want to somewhat write reviews of all the places we go out to in order to check how the place is, how the food tastes et cetera. So I thought I'd start using my LJ, and write review thingies in open posts. So here goes my first review, this time of the place named Moshi Moshi near Rådhuset in Oslo.

Moshi moshi, more like bye byeCollapse )

21st Mar, 2005

cloud & tifa

The hatred

I just saw Casshern. Pretty freaked out movie, and ooooooooooh the colors. So pretty. I recommend it to everyone, just for the sake of wtf and whoa they know their shit.

26th Sep, 2004

cloud & tifa

There are fishies in my head.

Post an anonymous comment with three things about yourself. See if I can guess who you are. :D

Gnawed from fairypark's shoulder.

14th Aug, 2004

cloud & tifa

*jumps onto the bandwagon*

Friends list cleaned. Removed people I got the hunch of not wanting to have on my friends atm, might delete more.

Comment @ this post if you want to go back on my friendslist.

3rd May, 2004

cloud & tifa

This might be fun...

I'm making this entry Public, turning off IP logging, and allowing anonymous posting for the next 7 days.

Tell me anything at all - no one will know who wrote it, don't sign your name. The more scandalous the better.

So, all you have to do is to post something anonymous, something you maybe wouldn't have told me face to face.

24th Jul, 2003

cloud & tifa

Friends only

This journal is friends only, sorry!